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Slavonski Brod, November 2009


Based on Article 11 Associations Act (NN 88/01 and 11/02) Founding Assembly of the association "International TEAM Society“, based in Slavonski Brod, at a meeting held on November 11, 2009 adopted this


of association "International TEAM Society"



Article 1

This Statute regulates the conditions about name, headquarters and area of operation of  association "International TEAM Society" (Hereinafter: Association), on its representation, on the objectives and activities for the realization of goals, the achievement of transparency of the Association, membership and membership fees, rights, obligations and disciplinary responsibility of members, the internal organization, the boards of Association, their composition, authority, decision-making, conditions and manner of election and recall, duration of the mandate and accountability of members; on property and disposition of possible profit, on how to acquire property, on dissolution and the procedure with property in the event of termination of the existence and activities of the Association.

Article 2

Full name of Association is "Međunarodna udruga TEAM".
The abbreviated name of the Association is TEAM.
Name of Association in English is "INTERNATIONAL TEAM SOCIETY.
Association headquarters is in Slavonski Brod, Dr. Mile Budaka 1. 

Article 3

The Association is registered with the competent authority of the State Administration of Brod - Posavina County.
The Association is a non-profit legal person.

Article 4

The Association has a round shaped seal with diameter of 35 mm.
On the edge of the seal there is printed text "INTERNATIONAL TEAM SOCIETY" while in the lower part of the rim, "MMIX”. In the middle of the seal is :::::::::::::::::::::::: .
The Association has its own sign.

Article 5

The Association is represented by the President and Vice-Presidents, or those who are under this Constitution or decisions of the competent authorities in case of their inability to replace.
The association has its own bank account.

Article 6

The association is established by the internationally recognized scientists and experts (the FOUNDERS) with GAMF College from Kecskemet (Hungary), Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University J.J. Strossmayer in Osijek and the University of Applied Sciences of Slavonski Brod (Croatia). The founders of the Association are also members of the Association. The work of NGOs can also include other internationally recognized scientists and experts (the MEMBERS).
The Association may join the other forms of association, as well as international NGOs, if this contributes to the development and achievement of the objectives of its actions specified by this Statute.
The Association is an independent legal entity and can act independently in legal transactions with third parties.
Decision on merging is on the Assembly.
Article 7

Work of the Association is open to the public.
Transparency of the Association is achieved in the manner provided in this Statute and:
- timely reporting on the work of the Association membership and significant events, writing reports on special conferences or other appropriate manner,
- through the media.


Article 8

The Association was established to promote and encourage international cooperation and exchange of knowledge and experience in the field of science and education between members of the Association, scientists and experts. 

Article 9

Activities of the Association are:
- gathering of young and talented scientists and experts and encouraging and monitoring of their work and progress;
- systematic development with the aim of its enrichment and to increase the total value;
- including of technical, biotechnical and other improvements through the inventive work in the overall development of the region in the country from which the members of the association;
- popularization of technical, biotechnical and other innovations, as well as assistance in their legal protection;
- training of students (seminars, expert meetings, visits to specialized trade fairs);
- promote entrepreneurship among students;
- organization of work with young people through courses, seminars, lectures and other forms;
- cooperation with educational and research institutions to identify and encourage gifted students in their development;
- connection with companies and other business entities interested in inventive work;
- encouragement and promotion of technical innovations and other improvements in all forms of action;
- encouraging of invention and development of youth in all primary, secondary and high schools;
- performing other tasks that are set forth in this Statute, other laws, and of interest to members of the association.


Article 10

Membership in the Association is voluntary. 
Membership is achieved by fulfilment of application form and registration in the register of members of the Association, supervised by the Association Secretary.
Members of the Association are granted a membership card. 
Appearance, content and manner of issuing membership cards are decided by the Board of directors.

Article 11

The Board of directors decide on annual membership fees.

Article 12

The rights of full members are:
- to participate in the Association;
- to vote and be elected to the governing boardand the working boards of the Association;
- to present its opinions and suggestions;
- to be informed about the work of management and working boards;
- to use the property of the Association in accordance with the activities and objectives of the Association.

Obligations of full members are:
- regular payment of membership dues;
- compliance with the provisions of this Statute and by-laws of the Association;
- keeping and raising the reputation of the Association.

Article 13

Membership in the Association will cease:
- on personal request;
- for non-payment of fees;
- death of a member of the Association;
- exclusion of members of the Association.
If a member of the Association in its work acts contrary to the provisions of this Statute and inflict severe damage to the interests and reputation of the Association he/she will be excluded from the Association.
The decision on expulsion will be on the Board of Directors of the Association.
Excluded member has the right to appeal to the Assembly which have a final decision on expulsion.
Article 14

Honorary member of the Association may be natural or legal person who has exceptional merit in pursuing the activities and objectives of the Association.
Decision on the promotion of an honorary member of the Association is made by the Assembly at its meeting, upon proposal of the Board of Directors.


Article 15

The boards of the Association are:
1. Assembly
2. Board of Directors
3. President
4. Vice-President
5. Secretary

Article 16

1. Assembly

Assembly of the Association is the highest governing board of the Association. 
Assembly of the Association is formed by all members of the Association. 
Assembly may be regular, elective and extraordinary. 
Regular assembly meeting is held at least once a year on the occasion of decision on report and final account, and program and work plan of the Association. 
Election assembly meeting of the Association is held every two years.
The Assembly meetings are announced to the members at least 20 days in advance. 
Meetings of the Assembly are convened by the President of the Association on its own initiative, upon the decision of the Board of Directors or upon decision of 1/3 of total number of members of the Association. 
Extraordinary assembly meetings are held when the President decides that the Assembly should be held, based on the conclusions of the Board of Directors, and upon the written request of at least 1/3 of members of the Assembly. In its request for convening the Assembly the proponents are obliged to propose agenda. If the President does not convene a meeting of the Assembly within 15 days of the delivery as stated in this paragraph, the proponent will convene the meeting (the decision has to include the proposed agenda, and place and date of the meeting). The work at the meeting is recorded, which is permanently kept in the archives of the Association. The Assembly determines the recorder.

Article 17

Assembly is chaired by the President of the Association, and in his absence one of Vice-Presidents. In case of absence of the President and Vice-President of the Association, at the beginning of the meeting, the Assembly will publicly vote to determine the person who will chair the meeting, upon a proposal of the Board of Directors. 

Article 18

Valid decisions of the Assembly will be made by public voting, with more than half votes of the overall number of votes of members present.
Vote may be "for" and "against" the proposal, and one may also abstain from voting.

Article 19

Assembly of the Association:
- decides on the Statute of the Association and on its amendments, and gives its interpretation;
- brings working plan and programme (guidance) of the Association;
- prepare a financial plan and balance sheet;
- elects and dismisses members of the Board of Directors and the Disciplinary Committee;
- elects and dismisses the President and Vice Presidents of the Association;
- consider and adopt the report on the work of the Association;
- if necessary establish and appoint committees, commissions and similar bodies, and determine their duties;
- decides on appeals of the members against decisions of the Disciplinary Committe;
-  makes decisions and other documents relevant to the work of the Association;
- appoints honorary members of the Association;
- makes decisions on association and dissociation in the other form of association;
- decide on the termination of the existence of the Association;
- perform other duties specified by the law or the Statute.

Article 20

2. Board of directors

The Board of Directors is the executive body of the Assembly that manages and organizes activities between the two meetings of the Assembly.
The Board of Directors has five (5) members of his group elected by the Assembly for a term of four years.
President of the Assembly is a member of The Board of Directors by the position.
The mandate of the Board members lasts four years and the same members may be elected once again.

Article 21

The Board members are responsible for their work to the Assembly of the Association.
The Board of Directors and each of its members may resign or be dismissed before the time period for which they are elected.
Some member of the Board and the Board as a whole may be dismissed if they do not perform the duties stipulated by the Statute and other decisions of the Assembly.
Each member ceases to function by The Board of Directors if it loses the status of members of the Association.
Recall procedure is the same as in elections to the boards of the Association.

Article 22

The Board of Directors performs the following tasks and duties:
- determines the annual programme of activities, financial plan and take measures for its implementation;
- adopts general acts on the Statute and laws, and monitors their implementation;
- adopts balance sheet;
- prepares draft amendments to the Statute and other acts adopted by the Assembly;
- make a decision about acquiring and alienation of movable and immovable property;
- determine draft decisions on membership fees and its allocation;
- decides on all matters of financial operations between the two meetings of the Assembly;
- make decisions about signing contracts, agreements with other organizations, associations, companies, institutions and private individuals;
- decides on official trips abroad;
- implements international cooperation programme;
- appoints and dismisses the representatives of the Association in other organizations, associations, companies and institutions, and appoints members of the working bodies for specific issues.
The Board of Directors also performs other tasks that require regular functioning of the Association, if they are not in this Statute and other acts within the competence of other organs.

Article 23

The Board of Directors work and make decisions on the meetings.
The Board of Directors meets as needed.
The Board of Directors is convened by the President of the Association, or the person who replaces him in his decision.
The Board of Directors will decide with more than half votes of the overall number of votes of members present.
More details about the work and activities of The Board of Directors can be proposed by the rule book.

Article 24

3. President of the Association

President of the Association is elected by the Assembly for a period of two years with the possibility of re-election.
President of the Association chairs the Assembly and The Board of Directors.
The mandate of the President may be terminated before the expiry of the period for which he/she was elected under the conditions and manner prescribed in this Statute for the members of the Board of Directors.

Article 25

President in the exercise of its functions has the following rights and powers:
- to represent the Association towards third parties;
- to convene and chair the regular meetings of the Assembly and the Board of Directors;
- to provide direct guidance for the Secretary of the Association about the preparation and drafting of materials for the Assembly, the Board of Directors and other working boards of the Association;
- responsibility for his/her work and execution of the working programme of the Assembly;
-  to perform other duties and tasks for which it powers authority provided in this Statute.

Article 26

4. Vice-President of the Association

The association has two Vice-Presidents.
Vice-President of the Association is elected by the Assembly for a term of two years. 
Action plan for the Vice-President is determined by the Board of Directors at its meetings. 
Vice-Presidents of the Association are members of the Board of Directors of the Association.

Article 27

Vice-Presidents in the exercise of their functions have the following rights and powers:
- to represent the Association on the basis of the Statute and other official documents of the Association in the absence of the President;
- to participate in the work of the Board of Directors;
- to  perform duties of the President in his absence;
- to assist the President in the management of the Association;
- to advise the President about his decision;
- co-responsibility for the execution of the working programme of the Assembly.

Article 28

5. Secretary of the Association

The association has a Secretary elected by the Assembly for period of two years and may be reappointed.
Conditions for the selection of a Secretary and a fee for conducting the Secretary duties are determined by the Board of Directors.
Secretary is responsible for its work and activities to the Board of Directors and the Assembly.
Secretary may resign or be dismissed before the expiry of the period for which he was named for the reasons set forth for the recall of members of the Board of Directors or for other reasons provided by law.

Article 29

Secretary of the Association has the following duties, powers and responsibilities:
- to perform administrative and expert affairs in the Association;
- preparing the meetings of the Assembly and the Board of Directors, together with the President;
- to executes the decisions of the President, the Board of Directors and the Assembly of the Association;
- to take care of the documentation of the Association;
- to maintain a register of members;
- to keep the seal of the Association;
- to perform other duties that put him in the jurisdiction.

6. Disciplinary Committee

Article 30

Members of the Association are disciplinary responsible for the violation of their membership obligations established by Statute or other legal acts. Disciplinary proceedings are conducted by the Disciplinary Committee consisting of three members elected and removed by the Assembly. Request to initiate disciplinary proceedings may be submitted by the Board of Directors or at least 1/10 of total Assembly members. The mandate of the members of the Disciplinary Committee lasts two years.
In disciplinary proceedings there may be imposed the following disciplinary measures: reprimand, time related penalty and the exclusion from the Association. Decisions are made by a majority vote of the Disciplinary Committee.

Article 31

One can appeal against Disciplinary Committee decision to the Assembly, within 15 days counting from the date of receipt of the decision. The Assembly will resolve the appeal within 30 days from the date of submission of the appeal.

Article 32

For work in certain areas of operation of the Association Assembly or the Board of Directors may establish permanent and temporary commissions or other working boards.
Decision on establishment of commission or board is determined by their structure, tasks, time that is established and the responsibility for conducting.


Article 33

Boards of the Association established by the Statute govern the funds and are responsible for their intended use and disposal. Funds are used to achieve the goals and activities of the Association.

Article 34

The funds of Association for achieving its objectives and activities are gained from:
- membership fees and contributions of members;
- revenue generated by performing their own work, based on the working programme;
- donations and gifts;
- funds received from the town of Slavonski Brod, Brod-Posavina County and other entities,
- other sources in accordance with the law.

Article 35

Financial and material operations will be performed in accordance with law and other regulations and enactments of the Association boards.
The Association is responsible for its obligations by its overall assets.

Article 36

The Association may make awards and recognitions for its members, associations and other meritorious individuals for the achievement of programme goals and activities of the Association.
Criteria for the awards, the number and type of prizes and awards will be determined by special regulations which will bring the Board of Directors.


Article 37

The Association stops existing in accordance with decision of Assembly of the Association, or because of the reasons established by the law. 
In the event of termination of the Association the Assembly will decide on its asstes in accordance to the law.

Article 38

Amendments to this Statute will take into action in the same manner and according to the procedure that the Statute was adopted.
Initiative to amend the Statute may provide:
- at least 1/4 of the members of the Assembly;
- the Board of Directors.

Article 39

Statute of the Assembly is voted by a majority of votes of the total number of members.
Original interpretation of the provisions of the Statute gives the Assembly and other acts of interpretation gives the Board of Directors.

Article 40

This Statute will enter into force upon adoption.

President of the Association:

Professor Antun Stoić


Slavonski Brod, 11/11/2009


This statute was discussed and adopted at the inaugural meeting of the Association on November 11, 2009 and apply from November 11, 2009. 

Secretary of the Association:

Dr. Krunoslav Mirosavljević